1965 Airstream Safari

1965 Airstream Safari
Coming Home

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let the fun begin!

The day we brought the Airstream home we stopped for dinner
at a Chinese restaurant. I am such a sucker for a fortune cookie that
I often open more than one. This night we opened 3 and we thought
they were perfect. In fact I may frame them and put them in
the trailer when we are done as a reminder of the journey.

If I am interpreting this correctly
  • We need to take a trip to the Pacific Ocean with our Airstream
  • We need to plan our remodel well
  • And since we have been in business for years it is comforting to know
    that it appears things will continue to go smoothly!

If you are a researcher like me you will very quickly find that the Internet offers
an extremely deep Airstream Hole that you can quite rapidly fall into and
  could have a very hard time of removing yourself from it. If, you even wanted to come out.
I am kind of liking it in there at the moment. There are 1000's of people
eager to share their Airstream story and what they have done to their Aluminum Trailer!
I love it!

I quickly discovered there are two distinct groups among the vintage airstream crowd.
  The "restorers" who want their trailer to be exactly like it was when it
rolled off the showroom floor and then there are the "renovators".
I knew all along we would be part of the renovator crowd.
I love the nostalgia of our vintage airstream but anything
50+ years old benefits from a little nip and tuck in my opinion!
Many of you know what I mean!

We want to keep the spirit of our Safari alive but add a little 21st style.

Here is what you would have read about had you been purchasing this in 1965

Here is where we are going with this.

Here are the new Interior Finishes.  I love the pop of color the Mandarin Red adds
to the cabinet and floor colors.The new curtain and cushion fabrics bring it all together.

We have dug in to the project with wild abandon and are moving forward at a
fairly good pace.  I will share photos in the next post of what is happening.

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