1965 Airstream Safari

1965 Airstream Safari
Coming Home

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Maiden Voyage (or two)


We have taken our little Airstream on the road twice now.  It was so exciting to hit the open
road for the first time and it was even more exciting when nothing fell off!

All of the hard work has paid off.  Everything worked just perfectly and the biggest surprise
was how fantastic the little shower in the bathroom is.  More about that later. 
Our new mattress is also super comfy and that was great news!

However, I have discovered something interesting.  With my current favorite hobby being shopping
for the Airstream I have discovered a huge hole in the world of "glamping accessories".
Cute folding camping chairs do not exist, unless you are under the age of  5
and can fit into a Little Mermaid Chair.  I did find some uber cool leather butterfly
chairs that were $200.00 each but I could not quite bring myself to invest in them.

After hours of searching online with no results I decided to create
my own glamping chairs.  I purchased two typical canvas folding
chairs, stencils, spray adhesive, fabric paint and went for it.

I removed the canvas from the seats, gave them a quick
ironing to eliminate the wrinkles and began stenciling. 
After a little trial and error I have decided the classic stencil
brush works the best.  I also should have let the
paint dry a little longer before I began the layering process. 
I tend to do high performance crafting (and cooking!)
Not always my best trait.

I think they turned out so cute for my first try.
I then went a little further and added decals to our new cooler.  

Here is a peak inside the Safari. It has turned out even better than I imagined!
I promise to get photos taken and post them soon. 

After returning from a short walk we found some members of the family
are making themselves a little too much at home. 

Here we are in Sedona on our second time out. There were actually a
total of 5 Airstreams in the park when we were there.  

  We ordered our new awning last week
and I can hardly wait for it to arrive. It will be out of the fabric
shown below.  Awning fabric is another stodgy place, void of cool fabric.  
If you want a stripe you are good, anything else you are out of luck.  
I may have to do something about that too.
(Just in case you are thinking "Sunbrella makes lots of cool fabrics", 
you are correct.  They just aren't awning fabrics)

 I have to be resigned to the fact that it will be a few more 
weeks before we are completely
decorated!  I promise complete photos are coming soon.

Sunbrella Saxon Cascade

  I have decided having this Airstream is like
being able to take your playhouse with you.
  It's more fun than we ever imagined.
I highly recommend it.

We are back on the road this weekend.  Wish us luck!

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