1965 Airstream Safari

1965 Airstream Safari
Coming Home

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Almost Ready to Live Riveted!!

Just a few short weeks ago we had a little snow and I thought our Little Wheelies looked awfully cute!

We are going to take our Little House on The Wheelies on the road in mid-April!  
It will be our maiden voyage and I am beyond excited!

With our looming deadline we (as in Robert) are really moving rapidly in our
renovations these last few weeks.  New water heater is in, new plumbing is done,
new furnace is 75% installed, new refrigerator is in and waiting for it's stainless panel.
The best part is we have water in the kitchen!
My beautiful Danze Anu faucet is stunning or should I say running!

 Another element I wanted was a stainless panel behind the cooktop.
I have noticed others using it as a magnetic storage surface
and a cute spot to decorate.  Works for me. 

My first rivet!  It's actually not that hard!

Ta Dah! I am so proud of that little thing!

And it's in!  I can hardly wait to stick stuff on it.
  We also added a stainless panel at the underside of the top cabinets
The range hood was no longer working and we could not find a match that worked 
with the existing venting so we have opted to cover it in the metal.  Which makes
us fire resistant in the event of some over enthusiastic cooking and it really looks cool.
We have two new fantastic fans to install so we should be just fine.
I am prone to high performance cooking but I am anticipating more
BBQing than actual cooking on the cooktop.
I will post a photo of all of it soon. 

On another note Robert decided to replace all the rest of the copper plumbing
with Pex. He turned the water on this winter and he found a pipe had burst.
Not wanting to be dealing with this every year he said "to heck with it" and tore
the rest of the old plumbing out.  When it was all replumbed we gathered
around like new parents to see if it was all going to work. Well we were a
bit surprised when we had a "water feature"coming out of the bottom of the
rear of the trailer.  Though it was kind of interesting we knew this would not
be a long term hit in the RV parks!  Fortunately Robert remembered he had

taken a cap off and it was just waiting to be put back on.
Water feature eliminated!

One last thing,  when Robert replaced the water heater it came with a new access
door and it was white.  I decided to put my crafty paint skills to work and
we now have a faux aluminum access door. A couple of cans of Aluminum
colored spray paint got me there.  We shall see how it holds up but I think it
is a pretty good match. 



I am putting together my list of supplies for our little sojourn.  Planning and dreaming
about all the cute things we will need.    Maybe, maybe this weekend
I will finally get to put that mattress in there.

Back to you soon.