1965 Airstream Safari

1965 Airstream Safari
Coming Home

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Renovation Continues and my Danze Faucets Arrive

I found this photo online of a Argosy Owner that has a towing set up that makes me smile. 
As a Mini Cooper owner, I think this is awesome!  Who wouldn't want to take their
"super cute Mini" with them while they hit the road with their "super cool vintage trailer!"
 On top of that it is completely color coordinated!  It makes my design mind so happy,
I call this perfection.

I had a very exciting thing happen a few weeks ago.  Danze faucets heard about our Airstream
renovation project and decided they wanted to be a part of it.  They very generously supplied
me with my new kitchen and bathroom faucets! I can hardly wait for the new countertop
to be installed so I can see how fabulous they are going to look.  Danze has a great
Pinterest page if you are looking for more plumbing fixture design ideas. Danze has
been my go to line of plumbing fixtures for many years. Check them out if you are
wanting a great quality faucet at a nice price. 

Taking old things apart generally results in a Pandora's box of new things to deal with.
  We have found our share to say the least. In the big picture it is all good, it just takes more
time and money than you had thought the week before!  I keep eagerly waiting for the
day we put in the fun stuff,  we keep finding additional (translate to time consuming)
projects to deal with first.

Though the original refrigerator was humming along nicely and all the experts said if you
have a working frig keep it, we realized the investment of replacing all the gaskets
and a couple of freezer door hinges was going to add up to about 1/3 of the cost of a new frig.
  So then you have to ask yourself, do we invest that much in something that is 50 years old?
  Ultimately, we decided no and out came the old frig.  I think we can sell it for scrap and
make a couple of bucks.  I have also decided there is a huge profit margin in refrigerator
gaskets and we should have been selling them all these years instead of building houses.
We might be retired by now.

 Robert had to do a little adjusting of the opening for the new one.  I ordered a new frig
with a stainless panel, so it's all good. It's going in soon I have been told.

The bed frame is just about done and I will update on this project soon too.
Lots still to do, but it is coming along.