1965 Airstream Safari

1965 Airstream Safari
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Monday, September 1, 2014

An Epic Day-We became the proud parents of an Airstream

August 12th, 2014 marked an EPIC day and I do mean EPIC in my life.  I suppose it also marked "more of what is this going to take to make it work day" for my husband but fortunately he is a good man and will figure out all those little details that I don't have time for!

For years, and I do mean years I have been making lots of noise about having an Airstream. I have had a major fantasy going on about us pulling into the uber nice RV park in our little vintage airstream, putting up the awning, setting out the flamingos, rolling out the astroturf and with the addition of our two darling little dogs we would be the envy of everyone! I mean who needs a Prevost, when you can have a 50 year old trailer!  Seemed simple enough. We have the skills it takes to accomplish this.  My husband is a super talented builder guy and I can design and decorate anything!  We are totally project people, we were made for this!  So says the optimist in our relationship.

I have been planting the idea of how much fun this would be for years. Call me determined if nothing else. I was always trying to work in a segue back to the Airstream idea. " What a great adventure it would be."  "Think of the places we could go especially in the cooler winter weekends when we are only a couple of hours from 70' weather."   Sadly, I never really received a lot of affirmation on this topic.  He definitely was not emotionally invested in this idea and could not in anyway imagine how this could be a good idea for us.  Mostly it was a " hmmm..... and by the way what would you think about a motorcycle?"

Well, I finally wore him down.  Actually, it was a series of other events that created this opportunity but hey, let's not split hairs.  It turns out this year we will have a project that is going to take us a few hours from home and will require someone staying at the job site at various times which just happens to be fairly remote.  Buying a job site trailer made a lot of sense.  My brain immediately went into overdrive. Who says you have to buy an ugly trailer?  Now seemed the time to buy the vintage Airstream and fix it up.  Craigslist, here I come!

This is our story about our newest project.

1965 Airstream Safari

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